Agia Marina

Agia Marina is 9 km away from Chania in the way to Castelli. It took its name from the church which is located on the small hill of the old village.The endless olive plantations, orangeries and all kindsof fruit-bearing trees with the limpid seashores make Agia Marina a modern touristic resort.

Agia Marina is situated near Stalos. The morphology of the land, with its natural slopes is similar to the countryside of Stalos, and the landscape remains the same. Here, there is also a beautiful 2.5-kilometer beach with all the standard facilities. The thin golden pink sand of this beach and the trees along the seafront create an exotic setting. Looking to the north. 400 meters out at sea, is the island of Agii Theodori (Saint Theodori).

It symbolizes the local holy guardian. In the ancient times the little island was considered to be a great monster coming from the sea, with its mouth wide open to swallow the nearby village of Agia Marina. Poseidon, the god of the sea, transformed the monster into rock, so as to save the village. Also, according to mythology, the golden color of the sand was created by the flames that came from the mouth of the terrible monster Very close to the beach, and only 500 meters sway, is the traditional village of Pano Agia Marina (upper Agia Marina).

Every summer, on the 17th of July, a great festival takes place. The beach of Agia Marina, is one of the most beautiful of the Northern part of the prefecture.