Leaving Daratsos behind, and six kilometers from the city of Chania, you arrive in Galatas. The cosmopolitan beach of Kalamaki is here. The famous little port of Kato Galatas, mentioned so many times in the songs of the famous Greek composer, Mikis Theodorakis, is also here. Galatas is also his hometown.

Hotels, rental houses, rooms, shops, and clean beaches offer you a relaxed and pleasant holiday. One kilometer away and ninety meters higher uphill is the historical village of Pano Galatas. Galatas was built in 961 AD by Byzantine families on the ruins of ancient residences. Because of its strategic site, Galatas was always the scene of battles against would-be conquerors. In the historic 1941 Battle of Crete, during World War II, the resistance at Galatas played a very important role by holding out for a whole week before defeat.