Archeological Museum of Chania

Since 1962 the archeological museum has been housed in the Catholic Monastery of the Franciscan monks on Halithon Street. Findings from different parts of the county of Hania are exhibited in the museum rooms depicting the history of the area from Neolithic to Roman times. The exhibition is divided into two sections. The first one (eastern section) contains exhibits from prehistoric times (3rd and 2nd millenium B.C.), while the second (western section) contains exhibits of what is called Historical Times (1st millenium B.C.). The display of the prehistoric collection comprises carved vessels, clay plates in Linear A and B scriptures, clay discs, a beautiful collection of gold necklaces, seal stones and stone beads.

There are also clay urns and large storing jars in several corners of the prehistoric section. The exhibition of the Historic Times comprises a rich collection of clay vases, several sculptures, and tube stone inscriptions from various parts of the county. In addition, the visitor can see mosaic floors of the Roman period (2nd and 3rd centuries A.D.), depicting scenes from the Dionysian cycle and episodes from the myth of Possidon and the nymph Amimoni. Address: Chalidon 21, tel: 28210 91875 Open: 8:30 - 15:00 exept Monday Tickets: 1€ - 2€ -3 €

Historical Archive of Crete

The Historical Archive of Crete was established in 1920 based in Chania and constitutes a Public Interprefectorial Service, a decentralised department of the General Record Office of the State, which comes directly under the Ministry of Education. It is housed in a public, neoclassical, scheduled building at 20 I. Sfakianaki Str. and it also includes a second, ancillary building with filing-rooms. The Historical Archive has reached today such a high level, that it is considered to be the largest of the regional Historical Archives in our country in terms of content, volume and material importance. The aim and mission of th Historical Archive of Crete consists in the collection, classification, recording, preservation and promotion of all kinds of archives and relics related to Cretan History. Today, approximately 700,000 historical documents are preserved in the Historical Archive :

Moreover, it includes many private collections with archives material belonging to Rebels and other prominent figures, the archives of Cretan fighters, the archives of the Turkish Administration in Crete, the Central Translation Office of Crete, the Cretan Government and German Occupation, as well as Administrative, Judicial, Church archives, etc., a large photographic material with approximately 3,000 photographs, a complete record of the Cretan Press since 1831, a specialised Library containing about 10,000 titles, as well as a large museum collection of valuable historical and folklore relics.Large historical collections, such as the official correspondence of the Cretan Revolutions of 1821-1830, 1866-1869, 1877-1878, 1895-1898 and 1905. Address: I.Sfakianaki 20, 73134 Chania tel.& fax.: 28210 52606 Open: 9:00 - 13:00 exept Saturdays and Sundays

Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Collection

This monastery is situated within the fortifications on the north-west side. (This part of the fortress was named after the monastery.) The entrance to the nave is on Theotokopoulos str. This is the entrance for the worshipers. On one side it is connected with the monks’ cells through a covered arcade. It was constructed in three phases : Originally there was a small arch-covered chapel, probably built in the 15th century.

The first extension to the west was built in the 16th century, and the church took its present form in the late Venician period. In the years of the Turkish occupation it was converted into a mosque, the Topou Aga Han or Aga Tzamissi. The plentiful archeological material, gathered from excavations conducted by the 13th Agency of Byzantine Antiquities in the county of Hania, as well as from private collections and donations, has created a unique collection which clearly records the historical course of the westernmost county of Crete from the first years of Christianity to, and including, the years of the Turkish occupation. Representative samples of this collection are on display in the church of San Salvantore.

The presentation of this material aims to outline the historic and artistic face of the county of Hania during the Byzantine and Post-Byzantine period. The exhibits have been grouped according to type : mosaics, tumb stone inscriptions, murals, icons, architectural sculptures, ceramics and coins. The works in each group are displayed in chronological order. Maps and explanatory plaques inform the visitor of the origin and the historical background of the exhibits. Address: Theotokopoulou 82, tel: 28210 96046 Open: 8:30 - 15:00 exept Monday Tickets: 1€ - 2€ -3 €

Naval Museum

The Naval Museum is housed in a building at the entrance to Frika Fort. It was established in 1973 in order to commemorate Greek and Cretan maritime traditions. The exhibits are ship models, several ship instruments and devices, paintings, heilooms, items salvaged from the bottom of the sea, shells, pictures and so on. They are classified chronologically. Today it operates under the auspices of the Municipality of Hania and the Naval Base of Crete. One of the museum’s current activities is the construction of a Minoan ship in the manner and materials used by the Minoans. Address: Akti Koundourioti, tel: 28210 91875 Open: 9:00 - 16:00 Tickets: 2€ - 1,2€

War Museum of Chania

The War Museum lies on the corner of I. Sfakianaki and Tzanakaki streets next to the Public Gardens. The building was once the Italian barracks and was built in 1870 on designs made by the Italian architect Makouzo. The rare photographic material and the unique historical heirlooms housed in the museum rooms depict the incomparable participation of the Cretan Macedonian fighters (1903 – 1922) in the Balcan Wars (1912-13), the Asia Minor Compaign (1919-1922), World Wars I and II and during the German occupation (1941-1945). Admission is free. Open: Tuesday – Saturday 09.00 – 13.00 Tel: 28210 44156