The small town of Souda (from the latin word "suda"  that means narrow passage) has about 5.500 inhabitants and is located in Souda Bay, 4km east of Chania.

In 1205, the Venetians built fortress in Souda, in order to protect the bay from the piratical attacks. It had 44 cannons of all types and they managed to protect the port even from the attacks of the pirate "Barbarossa". They had succeeded in fortifying it so well that the Turks took it over 70 whole years later than Chania city.

Nowadays, the town has a port which is the second biggest of Crete and one of the biggest ports of Greece; daily and regular ferry services are connecting Souda to the harbour of Piraeus. Because of the strategic position of the port, a naval station of NATO has been implanted in Souda Bay. In the middle of the bay is a small islet of the same name with a beautiful Venetian castle standing in its centre.

Souda provides all kind of accommodations and entertainment and it is linked regularly by bus to Chania.