Venetian Arsenals

These 16C arched buildings designed for shipbuilding and repairs are on to the quietest part of the harbour where you will find the moored fishing boats and therefore the tavernas with the best fish! Of the 17 shipyards, 7 are still standing and have been adapted for contemporary use.

The Mosque of Janissaries

It is the only mosque preserved in the city and dates back to the second half of the 17th century. It was erected in honour of Kioutsouk Hassan, the first garrison commander of Chania and after a research conducted by the 13th Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities, it has been discovered that there used to be a one-roomed temple in its current position. The mosque is a cubic-shaped building covered by a large hemispherical dome without a spandrel supported by four elaborate stone arches. At its western and northern part, it is surrounded by an arcade roofed by six small domes without a spandrel.

The Municipal Market

An imposing and rather fine cross shaped building with doors on all four sides. It houses butchers and fishmongers, fruit and vegetable sellers and purveyers of a multitude of herbs and spices, as well as general wares. It is considered one of the finest indoor markets in Europe. To build it the central bastion of the city walls was demolished. It was inaugurated in 1913 as part of the celebrations of the unification of Crete with Greece.

Public Gardens

Public gardens were designed by the Turks in 1870 to a European design. The clock was added between 1924 and 1927 with an unusual tripartite design. The gardens have a cafe, open air auditorium, small animal enclosure and a childrens library.